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Playlist on Isle-aux-Coudres

With a close partnership with Isle-aux-Coudres, we highly recommend the following playlist for your visit.

Music Show
The island's theater occasionally hosts performances, and local musicians often entertain at our hotel.
Try Surfkite, an exhilarating blend of surfing and kiteboarding. Harness the wind and ride the waves in this emerging sport.
Whale Watching
Visit a spot where the world's largest mammals can be seen.
Don't miss the iconic windmill, a symbol of the island.
Bicycle Rental
Rent a bike and explore the island at your own pace.
Island Train Tour
Relax and take a scenic train ride around the island, enjoying the stunning views.
Apple Orchard
Interested in how apple cider is made? Visit the orchard and learn the process.
Hot Air Balloon
Experience the thrill and romance of a hot air balloon ride.

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